With a variety of new cannabis products hitting the market, it may be hard to decide which one is best for you. Perhaps you’re new to the scene and just want to know the benefits of the flower. This article will break down the benefits of the flower and point out a few reasons why every cannabis user – specifically medical patients – shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss cannabis flower.

Whether you are consuming cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, the biggest benefit of the cannabis flower is its familiarity. Chances are you have previously enjoyed some of the more common forms of cannabis – joints, blunts, bowls, etc. – because it is one of the easiest ways to consume and enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

If you are consuming cannabis for medicinal purposes, smoking cannabis flower tends to be more fast-acting and provides healing, pain-reducing cannabinoids into your system quicker than other manners of consumption. This means that you could feel the ease of symptoms of serious illnesses faster.

If you’ve ever watched a prescription advertisement and listen to the “possible side effects” at the end, you know that other forms of medication have some serious downsides. The same can be true for alternate forms of cannabis. Edibles and pills can take a while to kick in and can be difficult to dose, concentrates can be overwhelming in both their forms of consumption and their overall strength, and infused creams don’t come much in handy for easing pain for internal, hard-to-reach areas, or for those with serious mobility issues. Smoking or vaping some simple cannabis flower is a simple and easy way to get the most out of your medicine without the downsides and difficulties of other forms of medicine.

If you are consuming cannabis for recreational – or medical – purposes, there are also the benefits of ease of use. You need little more than some rolling papers, a lighter, and maybe a filter to get you started.

Another factor to consider is the versatility of cannabis flower. Nearly all of the other forms of consumption you can get at your local dispensary come from cannabis flower anyways. Plus, most are more expensive than the flower itself. So why not buy the flower and then make whatever you’re looking for yourself? If you want to avoid smoking cannabis flower, you can always vape it or make an edible or tincture of your own.

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